Apple iPhone 11 Pro(50)

Colorful accents with mobile chains for your iPhone 11 Pro

You love fashionable accessories and like to add colorful accents to your outfit? Then our cell phone chains for your iPhone 11 Pro are just the thing for you! You choose from a variety of different designs your favorite and customize the cord with stylish Letter Charms and Pom Poms to your favorite piece. 

On the go with your cell phone cord for iPhone 11 

You don't want to miss your smartphone while partying and want to carry it safely with you? That's exactly what we make possible for you! Our cell phone cords are not only the must-have for all fashion lover, but give your phone the optimal security. The silicone case gives your iPhone simple elegance and protects it from unexpected drops. Combined with our cell phone cords, you'll always carry your iPhone safely and within reach.

For exciting party nights, as well as for leisure activities -our cell phone chains support you! Whether cycling, skating, or walking, with our stylish cell phone chains your iPhone will be fashionable in scene and is at the same time safe with you. OurSports Series fits every outfit and convinces with a pleasant wearing comfort

Amalfi Phone Necklace

Have a relaxing vacation with our mobile chain for the 11 Pro 

Vacation stands for 3 essential components:

  • new Discover.
  • really relax
  • Enjoy

You shouldn't have to worry about keeping your iPhone safe in your pocket, just enjoy the moment. Our cell phone chains give you the possibilityto carry your smartphone with you at all times. Plus, you'll always have your phone handy to capture the most memorable moments 


Stylish and practical accessory for moms? No problem! 

With kids, you face new challenges and collect unique memories every day. Capture these moments while always carrying your iPhone 11 Pro with you! Our phone chains can be individualizedso you can create your perfect accessory for everyday life. So not only is it protected from falls, but it looks pretty cool too! Keep your hands free in any situation. At the same time, you always have the chance to quickly grab your smartphone. So you never miss an important call or a snapshot again.


Colorful colors for all models - cell phone chains for every iPhone 


You want to be in partner look with your best friend, but you have different iPhone models? No problem, give her your favorite model! Whether cell phone chains for the iPhone 8, iPhone X or iPhone XRWe leave nothing to be desired and provide our cell phone chains with silicone case for any iPhone model.