Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max(50)




Never miss a moment again with the stylish phone chain for your iPhone 11 Pro Max

Whether around your neck or cross body -with your cell phone chain you are in any case the eye-catcher at the next party. The new trend has many practical advantages also visually transforms your iPhone 11 Pro Max into a trendy fashion accessory. Match your phone chain to your #outfitoftheday or create contrasting color combinations

In the spotlight with your iPhone 11 Pro Max cell phone chain 

Let's go pre-gaming with friends: You hang up your jacket, put down your bag, but where to put your iPhone 11 Pro Max? It's too big for your pocket, but you still have to show your girlfriend the pictures of your new crush. In flight, it can therefore also not remain.

Exactly in this situation the cell phone chain creates the perfect solution, fix umgehängt and the evening can begin. You have your iPhone from now on always handy, it is not lying around on the table and also visually your cell phone chain is a stylish fashion accessory.

Your cell phone chain will also help you in many other situations during the evening:

  • At the club, you don't have to worry about long-fingered thieves anymore 
  • Pack your perso and some money in our silicone case and you'll even be spared
  • the checkroom without a handbag.
  • Wherever your girlfriend is hanging out, you can quickly call her at any time to see if she's okay
  • .
  • If there is no bus anymore, you can quite easily order a taxi, since you always have your iPhone 11 Pro Max at hand 
  • Once in the cab, your mom  will be happy to receive a message that you are now on your way home

Hobby photographer was yesterday...

Our handy phone chains, together with your iPhone 11 Pro Max, will make you the photo queen in your clique. A significant update compared to the iPhone 7 is the ultra-wide-angle camera. Now all your friends can fit in the photo and your cell phone chain ensures that you never miss a moment. Be the first to pull out your phone and capture unique moments that you'll remember for years to come. 

Huge color selection and many different patterns

In our store you can find stylish Phone Necklaces for every occasion. Here are three samples of our stylish phone necklaces at a glance:

Simple color


Simple gray like that...

Delicate color accents


Subtle beige with white accents like the...


Strong contrasts as in the...

Nature Stone Phone Necklace

Nature Stone Handykette

Alva Phone Necklace

Alva Handykette

Shiva Phone Necklace

Shiva Handykette


Take the bus and train stress-free with your mobile chain for iPhone 11 Pro Max

With our trendy cell phone chains for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, going to college will be a breeze. Do you know it too? That moment once you're sitting down and then you have to dig through your bag for your phone. With our practical cell phone chains, which you can also find in our store for many other models such as the iPhone 6/6s or the iPhone XR, you have your phone always handy. If it rings, you are spared the hectic search and since you always carry it on your body, now even the vibration mode is enough - especially in the train, there are definitely more pleasant, so some ringtone!

High-quality cell phone bands with style

Our cell phone bands made of velvet soft cotton offer you an extremely comfortable wearing. No scratching on the skin, no pulling in the neck - with our handmade bands you can problem-free adjust the length and thus customize your cell phone chain. With the secure silicone case, you can still easily operate all the buttons on your iPhone 11 Pro Max, it provides protection and keeps you from unsightly scratches. Also for many other models like the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone XS Max you can find many individual cell phone chains in our store. And which pattern did you choose?