Apple iPhone 12 / 12 Pro(49)

Sustainable and stylish - our mobile chains for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro

Whether you're just discovering your green thumb in your apartment, waiting in line at the grocery store, or standing in the hallway with two trash bags in hand - if your phone rings now, it's going to get complicated. Not with our cell phone bands for your iPhone 12 /12 Pro! From now on, you always carry your iPhone with you and can still master everyday life with both hands


Sustainability and the protection of our nature are of great concern to us. Therefore, with our NATURE collection, we have produced compostable and biologically sound cell phone cases. The cell phone bands are also made of a high-quality recyclable material. We especially want to save the oceans of our planet together with you by freeing them from plastic waste. With the purchase of your cell phone chain from the NATURE collection, a whole euro therefore goes without deductions to the environmental project "Pacific Garbage Screening".  

Large color selection in the sign of nature 




Phone Necklace - Nature Mountain
Phone Necklace - Nature Jungle
Phone Necklace - Nature Lagoon
  • The power of the mountains
  • .
  • indestructibility of matter 
  • dense nature 
  • diverse ecosystems
  • healthy rainforests
  • crystal clear water 
  • paradise island landscapes





Inspired by our mother earth, you can choose your iPhone 12/12 Pro cell phone chain from six different colors. Their simple and timeless design makes them easy to combine and create a clean, strong look. Here are three of our Nature cell phone chains with their individual statements.

Unique play of colors with your cell phone chain for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro 

The best is saved for last! The end pieces of the bands can be simply twisted off and are therefore interchangeable. In our shop, the NATURE cell phone chains are available both with and without a case. Choose more colors and create individual, natural styles like the combination of pink and gray with our NATURE CORAL cell phone band and the NATURE MOUNTAIN Case. 

When you don't need your iPhone for a moment, just twist off the end pieces, pull out the band and put it aside. That way, you decide when to put your iPhone 12/12 Pro around you, or you can easily swap out the cords. And even if one of your end pieces ever gets lost, you can conveniently reorder them.

Something for everyone 

Our sustainable cell phone chains are also available from us for many other models such as for the iPhone X/XS and the iPhone 7+/8+. You like the sleek design, but would prefer a transparent case? Then our ETUUI Sports collection is just right for you! Our classics also convince with their noble design and high wearing comfort. The Original ETUUI Cell Phone Chains will make you a real fashion queen in your clique.