Apple iPhone 6/6S(17)

Practical cell phone chains for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

With our versatile cell phone chains you have your Apple iPhone 6 and 6salways at hand - and if you don't need it right now, you can clip it off at will. So you can now decide for yourself whether you want to hang your iPhone around or simply put it in your pocket. In any case, you are with our stylish cell phone chains fully on trend!

The popular iPhone generation 6 and 6s 

More and more iPhone models are joining the growing number of iPhone generations. Nevertheless, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s are still among the most popular Apple phones. It always shines with low prices, but it is in no way inferior to newer generations like the iPhone 7, keyword: Touch ID. Quite the opposite - due to the jack and Lightning connector it allows charging and listening to music at the same time. A big plus, because this function is no longer possible without an adapter on all newer models

Our cell phone chain sets: high comfort and protection with great attention to detail  

The ribbon

All our cell phone bands are handmade with love. We use velvet soft cotton and thus guarantee you an extremely high wearing comfort. Whether for work, the shopping trip or for sports -in our store you will find bands for every occasion.
The Silicone Case  The transparent case protects your phone from scratches and cracks. With a photo of your loved ones you make it your very personal eye-catcher. Also your bus ticket you can store here well - so you have it always at hand and can easily jump on any bus. If you like to store multiple cards or your headphones on your phone, our cool Card Holder are definitely something for you.
ETUUI Charms & Pom Pom's Elegant charms in silver, gold or rose goldas well as trendy pom pom'sadorn our necklaces and complete your cell phone necklace set.


More bling-bling for your phone? If you long for something variety or it should be something more, you have in our store the opportunity to expand your set. Look for your favorite Pom Pom'sfrom many different variations or make your cell phone chain your individual fashion accessory with our noble Diamond Charms

Rocca Phone Necklace - Clip Carabiner

More flexibility with the Clip Carabiner phone strap 

Our removable cell phone chainsmake this stylish fashion accessory even more practical and give you more flexibility in any everyday situation. Want to put your iPhone down for a quick moment or snap the perfect selfie? Absolutely no problem with our clip carabiners! Just clip the stylish cord off while you don't need it. With our Rocca Phone Necklace in skull design you'll look extra cool on any pic!


In the following situations, the detachable cell phone strap will make your daily life especially easier: 

  • Whether you're on the road by bike or e-scooter, our fashionable cell phone chains for your iPhone 6/6s will keep both hands free and, of course, firmly on the handlebars. If you are on tour with the car and use your iPhone as a navigator, you simply clip it off and put it in the holder.
  • Also for your quality time with friends, this cell phone band is perfect. Times quickly show an old photo, reminisce together or quickly capture new moments with a group picture. The clip carabiner collection offers you exactly the flexibility you need for this.
  • Thanks to our stylish phone bands, you'll never have to search for your iPhone at home again. You'll always have your iPhone 6 or 6s handy, yet both hands free for household chores. However, as soon as you lie on the couch or plug in your phone to charge in the evening, you can easily disconnect it from the cord - our case will continue to protect your iPhone and your night stand will remain free of "cord clutter."

      Not your model?

      By the way - not only the iPhone 6 and 6s you can dress up with our trendy cell phone cords. In our store you can find besides Apple bands also chains for other top brands like the cellphone chain Huawei P20 or the cellphone chain Samsung Galaxy S9

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