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Elegant cell phone chain for your Apple iPhone X and XS


Discover the perfect cell phone chain for your iPhone X or iPhone XS at ETUUI. Be a trendsetter and give your outfit the perfect highlights with a necklace. The must-have for fashionistas is available in a wide range of colors and variations - so you can easily design the cell phone necklace for your iPhone X/XS according to your wishes and create your individualized piece of jewelry to suit any occasion. From the cord to the detailed selection of charms, you can decide for yourself how your new practical accessory should look. Decide between the most diverse versions of the

          Maxi Gold Charm - Letter X

            Mobile phone chains: stylish and practical accessory

            The wide selection of handmade cell phone chains for your smartphone with integrated protective case allows you to easily combine stylish jewelry and practical must-have. So with your cell phone chain for your iPhone X/XS from ETUUI you always have your phone at hand and at the same time set beautiful accents on your outfit. Take important calls, have your iPhone always with you to capture the most beautiful moments - and all this without a long search in your handbag.


            Besides the beautiful look that the phone band including phone case conjures up for your iPhone X/XS, it is also very practical. By wearing it close to your body, you can easily protect your iPhone X/XS from theft. Hang your playful, elegant, or sporty phone chain around you and more can happen to your smartphone. The handmade cell phone chains you can easily put over your shoulder and already you experience by the high-quality material unique carrying comfort.  

            Safe to wear due to neck strap function with rings or carabiner 


            The way cell phone chains work for your iPhone X/XS has even more advantages! If your smartphone accidentally falls out of your hand, nothing can happen! Through the necklace function and a ring connection or carabiner the fall is easily stopped and your iPhone X/XS is protected from the hard impact on the ground. So you easily avoid scratches and cracks in the display by wearing your stylish fashion accessory 


            All the advantages of our Phone Necklaces 

            So you can easily combine 3 important points with your new phone necklace:

            1. Complete your outfit with the perfect accessory.
            2. Carry your phone close to you and protect it from theft.
            3. Don't drop your phone by accident anymore and avoid scratches and splitscreens.

            Large selection of models in our shop


            We offer a variety of phone cases from different manufacturers for the optimal protection of your smartphone. In our store you can also find the right phone case for your friends and family. With our vouchers you can give them a real pleasure. They don't have the same model as you? No problem at all! In addition to the cell phone chains for the iPhone X and iPhone XS, you can also find the perfect matching cell phone chain for other models as well. For example, check out the diverse range for older iPhone models such as the iPhone 7/8/SE . Beautiful cell phone chains for other brands can of course also be found here, for example for the Samsung Galaxy S20 or the Huawei P40.