Apple iPhone XR(50)

IDA mobil chainIDA mobil chain
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IDA mobil chain

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SIA Necklace StrapSIA Necklace Strap
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SIA Necklace Strap

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SHIVA Necklace Strap | Clip CarabinerSHIVA Necklace Strap | Clip Carabiner
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DUBAI ROSÉ NECKLACE - special EditionDUBAI ROSÉ NECKLACE - special Edition
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Stylish cell phone chains for Apple iPhone XR

Our stylish phone necklace for the Apple iPhone XR not only protect your smartphone from unexpected drops and theft, but are an absolute must-have for any fashion lover. The corded lanyards in combination with various details transform your iPhone into a real eye-catcher!

Timeless and individual - set your iPhone XR in scene with our cell phone chains

Peppermint Phone Necklace

Colorful, simple or playful? We have the right cell phone chain for every taste! Our fashionable silicone cases let your iPhone shine in simple elegance to match the chain. Choose one of the many popular cords that suits you and bring colorful accents in your outfit!


Mobile phone chains are the accessory of the year. Our wide selection of different designs leaves nothing to be desired. With a lot of love for detail we put your iPhone XR in scene! 

The timeless designs can be perfectly combined in any season. Find your style and carry your individual cell phone chain always with you! We have the right piece for all trendsetters.

Mobile phone chains with unique cord end pieces for your XR 

The individually interchangeable cord end pieces conjure that certain something to any cell phone chain and your stylish outfit. Elegant accessories like chic Pom Pom's, Diamond Charms or Maxi Gold Charms individualize the cord to your taste!

Sporty or elegant cell phone chains to match iPhone XR 

Don't miss out on your phone necklace even when playing sports! For sporty elegance, our ETUUI Sports ranges for the Apple iPhone XR, such as the products in the Roxy range. Without flashy accessories, our Sports cell phone chains lend simple sophistication. The cord is made of exceptionally durable material, making it easy to clean at any time.

Make your sports outfit an elegant eye-catcher with our Sports range!

Necklace and security for your iPhone XR

Carry your iPhone XR with you at all times as a necklace! Through our incomparable cord technology, your smartphone remains safe and handy at all times.


We offer you a wide range of different designs, so you can find the right necklace for you! In addition to creative color combinations, we especially care about the safety of your iPhone XR! 

Carry your smartphone safely as a classic necklace design with individual clip carabiner with you. Which cell phone chain suits you perfectly, you choose! 

All the advantages of our mobile chains at a glance:

  • Individualize designs
  • Wide range of colors and materials
  • easy cleaning
  • match any outfit: casual, sporty, elegant
  • security due to optimal fastening
  • Call, snapshot or message: always ready to hand

Large selection of cell phone chains for different models

Apple, Samsung, Huawei - our products are available for various cell phone models. We offer our cell phone cases with cell phone chain for any brands, such as the Apple iPhone Pro Max, the Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Huawei P40 Lite.