Huawei P20(5)

Mix your mobile chain for Huawei P20

Individual, stylish and with great attention to detail- our high-quality Phone necklace turn your Huawei P20 into a trendy fashion accessory! Match your phone chain with your elegant evening outfit or wear it as a colorful eye-catcher. In our shop you have the possibility to match your cell phone chain completely to your personality. Show the world what makes you tick with your unique mix.

Keep both hands free for shopping thanks to our cell phone chains

Ready for a shopping marathon with your best friend? For that, you definitely need both hands free and the phone always at hand. That's exactly what our cell phone chains for your Huawei P20 make possible. Because who does not know it?

  • You saw this beautiful dress in the online store, but you can't find it in the store? I'm sure the saleswoman can help, but now where was your phone again? With our practical cell phone chains you can show her the dress directly and never have to rummage in your bag for it again.
  • Arrived at the checkout, the clothes over your arm, still quickly grabbed a few socks. Since in this day and age you can also easily pay with your Huawei P20, our phone Necklaces also make your life easier at the checkout.
  • All bagged it goes further into the crowded shopping street. Who likes to carry his phone in his pocket, certainly knows the regular check whether it is still there. With many bags in hand, of course, this becomes difficult. With our cell phone chains you no longer need to fear theft, because your Huawei P20 is fixed to our cord and thus can not be stolen.
  • A coffee to go can not be missing with you and your best friend, of course. Thanks to our cell phone chains you can warm both hands on it. Just for frahling lovers, we also have very special designs in brown and beige.
Handy Necklace Cappuccino Rosé

Handy Necklace Alva

Customized cell phone necklaces for Huawei P20

Pimp your Necklace! You can easily pimp our diverse cell phone necklaces with small accessories. So there are numerous Pom Pom's in our store and our sparkling Diamond Charms that will make your original ETUUI cell phone necklace shine.

A very special affair of the heart is behind our Nature collection. The simple, 100% compostable phone cases are all about nature and remind us of its beauty. Together with the sensational project "Pacific Garbage Screening" we want to free the oceans from plastic waste, where you support us with the purchase of a cell phone chain from the Nature collection.

It's also easy to jazz up these natural designs:

  • You can easily add colorful accents with the unscrewable end pieces
  • You can place our cute husky anywhere along your mobile chain. The NATURE CUBE CHARMS you can find with us in many different colors.

Everything is tailored to you - even the model

Our cell phone chains are available for many other models such as the Huawei P20 Lite and the Huawei P30 Pro. In addition, you can find stylish accessories to match your cell phone chain in our store. Because even the glasses are often misplaced. Whether you're reading or driving, our Goggle straps will always give you clear vision when you need it. Want to make a personal statement and show everyone what motto you live by? Sayings like "Boom Shakalaka" or "La vie est belle" adorn our cool cotton bracelets and are perfect for this endeavor.