Huawei P20 Lite(4)

Meaningful gifts for your loved ones

Your practical accessory: The perfect cell phone chain for the Huawei P20 Lite.

Discover now the most different phone chain designs from ETUUI and keep your Huawei P20 Lite with you in any situation. Your advantages:

Clip your phone with the 5.84 inch display easily into a clear or colored phone case

Simply hang the cell phone chain for your Huawei P20 Lite around your shoulders.

So you are prepared for every situation in which you need your smartphone. Take an important call, write a quick message, take a spontaneous photo. It's no longer a problem when you can carry your phone like a handbag. You can grab your Huawei P20 Lite by the chain, unlock it and act quickly.

This is how your stylish it-piece helps you:

Whether during a power workout, shopping, or on the sofa - with the carabiner hooks or the tension-proof ring connection, your Huawei P20 Lite with its case from ETUUI is attached to the cell phone chain and at your side.

So you simply prevent that:

You lose your phone or leave it in the restaurant, bus or cinema.

Your Huawei P20 Lite is stolen from your pocket in public.

You accidentally drop your phone and break your everyday companion

Perfect for hands-on fashonistas:

Discover the most diverse models of cell phone chains for your Huawei P20 Lite at ETUUI and choose the right accessory for your style. Decide for example between

a rocking stylish model, like the Rocca cell phone chain

a brightly colored, eye-catching design, like the Hedda cell phone chain

or a chic and elegant companion, like the Alva cell phone chain.

Rocca cell phone chain

Hedda cell phone chain

Alva cell phone chain

ETUUI's wide range of products gives you the opportunity to easily choose the practical cell phone chain that matches your style. So you can also choose your cell phone chain for Huawei P20 Lite to match your protective mask or glasses with useful mask or glasses strap from ETUUI.

You can also customize your weatherproof nylon or cotton phone strap with our pom poms, charms and more.

Nothing suitable for you? Then check out the collection for the Huawei P20 or Huawei P30 Pro. You do not own a Huawei? At ETUUI we also offer matching phone cases with necklaces for various smartphones from Apple and Samsung.

Meaningful gifts for your loved ones

You have already found the perfect cell phone necklace for you? Maybe your friend, work colleague or relative needs a practical cell phone chain for her Huawei P20 Lite or a completely different phone model. You want to give a cell phone chain from ETUUI, but are unsure which is suitable? Then simply make the recipient happy by leaving the decision to the person himself and give one of our vouchers!