Samsung Galaxy S9(13)

Charming, practical, good-looking - your new cell phone chain for your Samsung Galaxy S9

between long ladies coats and organza dresses, this fashion trend may not be missing in your everyday life - your individual cell phone chain.

However, cell phone chains are not only the perfect accessory for fashionistas, but also just super practical. You have your Samsung Galaxy S9 steadily at your side, but do not know where to put it? It doesn't fit in your pants pocket, it falls out of your jacket pocket and you just don't feel like carrying a handbag today?

All these problems you can easily solve by buying your customizable and versatile cell phone chain for your Samsung Galaxy S9 at ETUUI. Simply clip your phone into the clear case with ETUUI logo, which is connected to the necklace by stable carabiner  or traction-proof ring connections connected, hang the soft and comfortable cord around you and you're rid of all these problems.

Simply a practical eye-catcher

Your Phone Necklace for your Samsung Galaxy S9 makes your outfit shine. The Necklace is so much more than just a small practical accessory. The handmade it-piece from ETUUI lets your Samsung not only become a piece of jewelry, but makes your life easier: you always have your phone ready when you need it!

You want...

  • ...quickly take a photo with the variable aperture and a camera that adapts to the human eye?
  • ...briefly call your work colleague and pass her an important information?
  • ...immediately after your date tell your best friend how it went?

For this you have your Samsung Galaxy S9 directly ready to hand and can act quickly, because it hangs practically like a handbag and yet more comfortable over your shoulders at your side. This not only supports you in the everyday use of your smartphone, but has many more advantages:

  1. You make it impossible for thieves to pick your phone out of your pockets without you noticing.
  2. Your Samsung S9 is protected from accidental drops and split screens .
  3. It is virtually impossible to forget your phone anywhere.
  4. When you're exercising, you don't have to put your phone anywhere. It's not in the way and it won't get sweaty. 
  5. You can quickly and easily take photos, answer calls  and Send messages -without having to rummage forever in your pocket.

Take advantage of all these and much more benefits of the mobile chain for the Galaxy S9.

Different looks for different types

The cell phone cord not only has the above practical advantages, but it also looks really good. With the wide range of various handmade cotton or nylon necklaces, you can order the cell phone cord for your phone according to your taste. 

For example, choose the ALVA ROSÉ PHONE NECKLACE and add a bright and playful accent to match your outfit. You are rather after a more striking model? Then look at the CANDY PHONE NECKLACE and let the cheeky pink become the eye-catcher of your style. But rather discreet and dark? Then the NAOMI PHONE NECKLACE is definitely your favorite. Plus, you can personalize all your handy phone bands individually with beautiful charms, pom pom's or cardholders.

Alva Rosé Phone Necklace Candy Phone Necklace  Naomi Phone Necklace
Phone Necklace Alva Rosé
Cell Phone Necklace Candy
Cell Phone Necklace Naomi


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