Mask and glasses strap - nylon blue

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Länge: 71 cm Material: Nylon Band, Edelstahlverschluss

Get your chic mask band now and go through mask duty easy and chic!

  • Mask forgotten
  • Mask stuffed in your pocket
  • Mask disappeared deep in your handbag
  • Mask fallen into the footwell of the car
  • Mask forgotten on the desk
  • Mask touched a thousand times
  • Mask fallen into the dirt
  • or the mask mega uncool pulled over the upper arm

Mask here, mask there, just annoying , but unfortunately necessary at the moment.

This new unloved accessory is now part of our everyday life and that will unfortunately probably remain so for a while.

But here comes the simple, ultimate and super chic solution:

Just hang the unloved thing around your neck with our mega stylish mask straps!

Browse our extensive range and choose stylish mask straps to match your look! And when masks are no longer in style, use it as a cool glasses band. Our bands are between 62 cm and 72 cm long.

"Easy, chic and super smart - the new mask or glasses strap from ETUUI!"


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